Love Means Never Having to Say "Hi"

Someone who really, really would like you to check out the sure-to-be-sweet-as-fuck Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg this weekend writes: "you've fallen off the crazy-hipster-duo beat. come on, those two have GOT to still be partying."

You know, she's right. We have fallen off that beat. What have One-half Nelson and Laidie Magenta been up to? Well folks, guess what: We're reporting, in a Tale of Two Cities exclusive, that One-half Nelson was spotted at Lit - the Uptown Mike favorite - last night. How do we know? Central Village saw him, and filled us in. Here's a mishmash compilation of the IM comments:

Unfortunately, it was too dark to get a picture. But be forewarned: He's out there, and he's most likely carrying hot coffee.

We have never quite understood the appeal of Fear Factor, nor why NBC chooses to air it 5 nights a week (not counting syndication). Maybe it's the child in all of us remembering the days of "I'll give you a dollar to eat [insert disgusting item here]." Milk and orange juice? Shit, we'll drink that. Or maybe it's like the new Mike Judge movie predicts- our society really is getting dumber. Regardless, U Daily News details how you (yes, you!) can participate in Fear Factor Live at Universal Studios for only $53 (or $43 if you're under 8 inches tall, lucky bastards):

Surprised? Really? Unless they're going to have someone eat it, at this point nothing will shock us. Especially since we won't be watching.